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Ron Hicks - Fine Art

About Ron Hicks

Ron Hicks - Portrait Image Ron Hicks' works have been characterized as a blend of representational art and impressionism. Some critics have compared them to paintings by Rembrandt and Daumier. The 41-year old artist translates his own moody visions with a muted palette and rarely uses pure color. He particularly favors the variety he finds in gray. "Gray allows me to capture atmosphere, mood, and layers of emotion," he says. "Gray sets the tone for the rest of the painting."

Shelves in the artist's studio are lined with art books about Nicolai Fechin, James Whistler, and William Merritt Chase. There are also volumes featuring Hicks' main muses-John Singer Sargent, Edgar Degas, and Diego Velazquez. As an artist, his philosophy involves guiding the viewer though a painting, much like his artistic idols, by striking a balance between revealing too little and not enough detail. "It's a very delicate balance," Hicks says.
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If one asks Hicks about his favorite subject matter he replies without hesitation, "figures and interiors." But he quickly qualifies "figures" by saying that painting them is really about painting shapes of color. "I am a shape guy. By that I mean I see things more in terms of shape rather than the objects or people," he says. "Everything is about shape, medium shape vs. large shape, lighter shape vs. darker shape."
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